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Current Team Members

Jake Jacobson


Jake has a diverse background in system analysis including statistical analysis, data visualization and system dynamics. Jake previously was a group lead at the Idaho National Laboratory where he led a team of analysts that provided support for the lab in all areas including Biofuel Logistics, Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Energy Water Nexus, and Hybrid Energy Systems. Jake has over 30 publications in all areas of research and has been a consistent contributor to the International System Dynamics Conference. Jake has been been using System Dynamics for over 15 years. Prior to that he worked as a statistician developing statistical software and consulting on research projects. Jake has a variety of publications and model experience in biofuels, energy water nexus, hybrid energy and nuclear fuel cycle analysis. He is proficient in Powersim Studio, Vensim and Stella system dynamic software. Jake holds a BS in Mathematics, an MS in Statistics and has completed the Certification in System Dynamics from MIT.

Len Malczynski


Leonard A. Malczynski is a system dynamics practitioner, micro-economist and software engineer. His specialties are in database modeling and system dynamics modeling. He has also worked on geographic information systems. He has built system dynamics models of the civilian nuclear fuel cycle, world energy consumption, bio-energy supplies, water basin management, workforce management, international conflict, and international migration. Many of these models were turned into applications. He was a member of the Office of the Chief Economist at Sandia National Laboratories from 1998-2005 and ended his career at the Laboratories in March 2017. His current activities involve being President of the System Dynamics Society, a software specialization in Powersim Studio, Group Moderator of the international Powersim Users Group, and development of software engineering techniques applicable to system dynamics modeling. Leonard has also taught information systems and microeconomics at the University of New Mexico since 1988 and several short courses in system dynamics and the use of Powersim Studio. Prior to 1988 he spent 10 years as an independent information systems consultant in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.